Afro-Brazilian Rhythms

This video is also about culture. You will know how Brazil has come up with the name SAMBA.
In this video you will know how to distinguish some of the samba's modalities such as the traditional and batucada. You'll get to know a bit of Olodum's music which takes as base the samba reggae and maracatú (rhythm from Pernambuco, Brazil) rhythms.


Afro-Cuban Influence

The Afro-Cuban rhythm goes around a clave. Its 6/8 pattern is probably one of the most versatile grooves ever. This rhythm provides you a great freedom of feeling it. Songo revolutionized the Afro-Cuban music when the drum kit was introduced to it.
Before it only traditional percussion drums were used to play this rhythm.
This video also includes the rhytms called Chamamé and Baião.